Wildlife is Thriving

Do you have an affinity with nature and wildlife? Wolves, rabbits, foxes, eagles, and other animals make up a large and important component of the Earth’s wildlife population. If you want to bring some of this wildlife into your home, wildlife fleece blankets fine art tuscon az artists can bring you a touch of the forest without touching the forest.

Wildlife populations have been on the decline, often due to the loss of habitat and pollution. Here are some ways they are being protected by their closest allies and biggest weakness – the human population.

Japan is no longer allowed to kill whales for scientific research or sell their meat. In October of 2018 the CITES standing committee found that these killings were for commercial purposes, not scientific research as they were reporting. The country of Japan agreed not to authorize anymore sei whale killings before the next CITES meeting, which will take place in May of 2019.

Further conservation efforts have allowed some whale species to rebound. Whaling is banned in the Southern Hemisphere and North Pacific, so species like the fin whale have been able to raise their population numbers. The gray whale, which has long been hunted for its oil and blubber, has been downlisted and is now endangered instead of critically endangered.

wildlife fleece blankets fine art tuscon az

The city of Hong Kong has promised to phase out the ivory trade. They are planning to end all sales of elephant ivory by 2021. The city is a major spot when it comes to the sale of ivory and other illegal goods smuggled into the country. Environmental groups are working to shut down the market and reduce the poaching of African elephants for their horns.

As you can see, there have been some major developments going on for wildlife around the world. A beautiful depiction of nature without harming it can decorate your home and remind you that wildlife is wildly important.