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By · Comments (0) Thursday, December 8th, 2011

Frontline Plus is one of the most popular flea removal products. Many pet owners trust and use only Frontline Plus on their pets.

1800Petmeds carries Frontline Plus and has it at a pretty good price.

You can get it at an even better price by using a Petmeds Coupon that is offered right here on this site.

What does Frontline Plus offer?

  • 12 Hours – all fleas on your pet will be killed.
  • Full month of protection with each application.
  • Helps control sarcoptic mange infections.
  • Waterproof – So your pet can get wet.
  • Will also kill chewing lice and ticks.

So next time you are in the market to pick up some frontline plus, be sure to check with for a Petmeds coupon so you can save some money!

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By · Comments (0) Monday, December 5th, 2011

The best Christmas gift you can give your pet this season is love and health.

Too many pets are not treated as they should and therefor live an unhealthy life which leads to sickness and short life.

As a responsible pet owner this Christmas you can make the commitment to keep your pet healthy by getting them what they need.

Treat your pet right this Holiday season and make the commitment to do so the whole year in 2012! Your pet deserves it.

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Tags : Coupon, Pet Care, Pet Health

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