Do You Want Your Pet in a Movie? They Have to Swim!

Do You Want Your Pet in a Movie? They Have to Swim!

By Wednesday, January 18th, 2012

Pets are such a wonderful addition in movies. They ad such a great element to any production. People love animals and when there is a great animal in a movie it has shown to help the movie actually make more money.

Do you think you have a dog that would be a great fit in the movies? Well I will tell you one thing… You need to prepare your dog to be in show business just like you would prepare.

Typically dogs in show business need to be able to swim. Here are some dog swimming tips you can use to help your dog prepare.

Dogs among other pets are usually natural swimmers. They love nothing more than to romp in the water, play and splash around. They will even play fetch and swim out to get objects like balls in water once they get really comfortable. On a hot summer day, your dog will love the water and will welcome a cool off. It is also great exercise for your pet that will help them to stay healthy and fit.

The best place to take a pet swimming is a lake. Dogs that are not used to swimming will like easing their way into the lake. They will also like being able to keep their head above water while playing. The lake however, can pose some threats to a pet’s health. There are some concerns every pet owner should have when they take their pet swimming in a lake.

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